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My research interests lie in adaptive capacity to climate change and other large-scale changes, agriculture, sustainability, food security and development. As a human geographer, I do fieldwork and use mainly qualitative methods.

My work mainly concerns adaptive capacity, flexibility, innovation and food security in small-scale farming systems, in the face of climate change and other large-scale changes. Topics discussed in my PhD project are potentials and barriers to adaptation under climate change in Himalayan farming, gender relations and decision-making within the household, and the logic, meanings and values of subsistence production. The relations between rural development, climate, markets for food and labor and migration inform my work.

I am a human geographer and use mainly qualitative methods including case studies and intensive fieldwork methods. Inter-disciplinary research and mixed methods are important to me and I have some background in anthropology, development economics, political science, sociology and system dynamics in addition to my specialization as a geographer.  I have fieldwork experience from Nepal, Peru, Estonia and Norway and I have worked with food production and food security in Malawi. I am also engaged in global production, distribution and trade of food, as well as transitions in Norwegian agricultural systems towards social, environmental and climate sustainability.


  • Sis-klimat- Climate transitions in the Norwegian food system How can the Norwegian food production - consumption system be changed towards sustainable production of more climate friendly food? This overarching question targets opportunities for climate change adaptation and emission reductions, but also looks for co-benefits for, and stronger links between, producers and consumers.

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