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Øivind Hodnebrog has a PhD in meteorology/atmospheric chemistry from the University of Oslo (2008-2012). Dissertation title: "Modelling tropospheric ozone production on different scales". He has been employed at CICERO since 2011, and is currently working with global and regional climate modelling. For a complete list of publications, see


  • ACCRI CIC-MOD The objective of the ACCRI CIC-MOD project is to investigate how aviation emissions in different regions affect the atmosphere and climate on regional and global scales.
  • CiXPAG - Interaction of Climate Extremes, Air Pollution and Agro-ecosystems Future food production, and consequently food security, is very sensitive to both climate change and air pollution. So far, little is known about how climate extremes and ozone pollution interact to affect agriculture or about the relative effectiveness of climate change adaptation and ozone regulation measures for various crops and regions.
  • The NetBC project Black carbon: A challenging piece of the climate puzzle
  • NAPEX Precipitation is arguably the most direct link between the climate and human society. We depend upon existing precipitation patterns for fresh water and food production, and global infrastructure is designed to withstand current precipitation extremes.
  • HYPRE - HYdropower and PREcipitation trends Investigating historical and future precipitation trends in regions important for hydropower production
  • MOCA: Methane Emissions from the Arctic OCean to the Atmosphere The MOCA project will enhance understanding of the present atmospheric effects of methane released from dissociation of gas hydrates in Arctic seabed sediments, and will also inform on the future potential impacts in a warming climate on decadal to centennial timescales.
  • Impact of absorbing Aerosols on Radiative forcing in the European Arctic The climate impact of absorbing aerosols, such as black carbon particles originating from fossil fuel combustion or biomass burning, mineral dust and volcanic ash, is still very poorly understood especially its role in the atmosphere of polar regions.
  • SUPER - SUb-daily Precipitation Extremes in highly-populated Regions The main objective of SUPER is to quantify the influence of anthropogenic activity on sub-daily extreme precipitation in highly populated regions
  • Sensible heat has significantly affected the global hydrological cycle over the historical period Multiple lines of evidence indicate widespread changes to the global water cycle since 1950. Here we show, using a range of climate modelling results, that changes in sensible heat are the dominant contributor to the present global-mean precipitation change since preindustrial time.

Publications and outreach at CICERO

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