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I am a climate scientist with interest in extreme weather events.

I have been at CICERO since June 2016 and curently work on three projects: ClimateXL, TWEX and S2S4E. I use the output of a wide range of models - global climate models, regional models, weather forecast models, seasonal forecast models and hydrological models - to extract information about extreme events relevant for users. I also serve as an associate editor for the journal Atmospheric Science Letters.

I obtained an early career mobility fellowship from the Swiss National Science Foundation in 2013 and joined the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, to work on probabilistic event attribution. A year later, I moved to the Department of Physics, University of Oxford, as a postdoc on the EUCLEIA project. I combined attribution studies with seasonal forecasting techniques to develop new methodology for representing the level of confidence in attribution results so that attribution products can be trusted to inform decision making. During my time in Oxford, I was a Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College.

During my PhD (2009-2012) at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, my research focused on methods to evaluate global climate models for precipitation and quantifying the response of the Earth's hydrological cycle and energy cycle in future warming scenarios. One of my interests lies in investigating whether the climate system responds linearly to carbon dioxide forcings of different intensities. I have also been involved in studies about the reversibility of the climate system's state and in particular how changes in the ocean circulation can affect the surface climate.

I hold a BSc in Earth Sciences and a MSc in atmospheric and climate science with a Minor in physical glaciology, both from ETH Zurich.


  • Translating Weather Extremes into the Future – a case for Norway TWEX-Fremtiden i Norge baserer seg på en “historien om framtiden” metode. Denne metoden vil kunne vise at et scenario tilpasset en bestemt region og bestemte aktører i kombinasjon med en rekke klima- og værmodeller vil kunne gi et mer realistisk bilde av hvordan været vil se ut i fremtiden i akkurat dette området. Med bedre analyser om ekstemvær kan man forebygge og planlegge beredskapen på en bedre måte enn i dag.
  • ClimateXL Weather and climate extremes are likely to be one of the largest societal challenges associated with climate change in this century. Under climate change, these extreme events will intensify and become more frequent, and consequently the risk of severe and costly damage for humans and infrastructure will increase.
  • S2S4E Climate Services for Clean Energy S2S4E er et europeisk innovasjonsprosjekt for klimatjenester finansiert av EUs Horisont2020-program. CICERO er prosjektets nest største partner og leder to arbeidspakker.