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Breakfast meeting 30 October 2020: Extreme Weather for Breakfast

Breakfast webinar 27 October 2020: Climate Risk and Extreme Weather in the future.

Project TWEX publishes paper (September 2020): The role of spatial and temporal model resolution in a flood event storyline approach in western Norway

In October 2014, a 2-day heavy rainfall event on the western coast of Norway caused major floodings. Hundreds of residents in the valleys around Flåm needed to be evacuated, leaving houses, buildings and infrastructure severely damaged.

Research project TWEX was established to investigate such events in a future warming climate. The research answers questions such as: are the events more intense and what possible impact can we expect? Find out more in this paper

Article in CICERO's magazine KLIMA, 16 December 2019:

Better prepared for extreme weather events (in Norwegian)

24 - 26 April 2019: Workshop on physical modeling supporting a storyline approach.

Report from the workshop.

Participants at the workshop held at Oslo Science Park. Photo: CICERO

26-27 September 2018: TWEX Annual meeting 2018 in Oslo

Article: Western Norway to see more heavy rain and flooding in the future.

[A picture of the participants at the TWEX annual meeting in Oslo in September 2018.]

The participants at the TWEX annual meeting in Oslo in September 2018.

April 27th, 2018 Second TWEX Stakeholder workshop

Article: Stories to prepare us for weather extremes.

November 30 - December 1, 2016. TWEX Stakeholder Workshop (Summary)

Participating stakeholders 

  • Cathrine Andersen, DSB
  • Svein Haaland, NRK
  • Ingrid Støver Jensen, NRK
  • Mari Severinsen, Fylkesmannen Sogn og Fjordane
  • Terje Haug, Finans Norge
  • Hanneke Luijting, Met
  • Hege Hisdal, NVE
  • Anders Solheim, NGI
  • Gordana Petkovic, Statens Vegvesen

September 5-6, 2016. TWEX kick-off meeting in Oslo