CICERO - Center for International Climate Research

02-02-2018: Launch of Climate scenarios demystified: A climate scenario guide for investors in London

CICERO, BlackRock and NBIM will be presenting CICERO's new climate scenario guide at the BlackRock office in London.

Download the Climate scenario guide here.



07-11-2017: Third advisory board meeting, hosted by DNB in Oslo

The advisory board met to discuss climate scenarios, flooding risk and climate information tools. We had interesting presentations by Zita M. Daatland from Statoil, Michael Szönyi from Zurich Insurance Group, Dr. Philip J. Ward from V.U. Amsterdam, Ben DeAngelo from NOAA and Dr Glen Peters and Dr Jana Sillmann, both from CICERO.




02-01-2017: Launch of the Shades of Climate Risk report at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in London.

Click here to read and download the Shades of Climate Risk report.



30-11-2016: 2nd Meeting of the Advisory Board at Oslo Science Park.



27-05-2016: Norges Bank Investment Management joins the Advisory Board.

NBIM manages the Government Pension Fund Global, often referred to as the Norwegian oil fund, and some of Norges Bank's foreign exchange reserves.



19-05-2016: Launch of the CICERO Climate Finance Advisory Board

Read the op-ed by Director Kristin Halvorsen and Chair of the Advisory Board Kjetil Lund (in Norwegian): Ansvarlige investorer må tenke klima.

Press release on the launch of CICERO Climate Finance: Scientist and leading investors join forces to explain climate risk

Reuters coverage of the launch of CICERO Climate Finance: Scientists, investors seek to identify financial risks of climate change

Launch meeting at the Oslo Stock Exchange