CICERO - Center for International Climate Research
Climate Finance

What we do

Shifting investments toward a low-carbon and climate-resilient future is a fundamental step towards a climate change solution. Understanding the drivers for climate finance and connecting the financial community with climate change research are priorities for CICERO.

We started working on climate finance in 2007, when the World Bank and SEB bank asked us to provide an independent environmental assessment of the World Bank’s first second opinion. Since the market’s inception, CICERO has become as a leading provider of second opinions on green bonds. We have earned international recognition as a thought leader on what is green, helping the global green bond market grow and develop in new sectors and regions. To adapt to growth in the market, the subsidiary CICERO Shades of Green was established in 2018 to further professionalise the work with green bond Second Opinions. CICERO Shades of Green maintain close ties with the climate research and researchers at CICERO.

CICERO also works with key institutional investors on climate risk, assessing the financial risk that comes with physical climate change, policy and technology changes, as well as shifts in public opinion. Our research identifies good practices for incorporating climate risk into investment decisions and assesses climate risk for different sectors and industries.

CICERO is leading international research projects on climate finance for governments, international organisations and private sector partners. Our research themes include: sources of climate finance, climate finance in the UNFCCC negotiations; de-risking tools for climate investments; climate risk and investment strategies; impact of green finance pledges and trends; use of fintech in green investments; green bond potential and environmental integrity.