CICERO - Center for International Climate Research

The project takes an interactive approach, gathering scientists and a selected group of institutional investors - pension funds, asset managers, banks and insurance companies, in regular science-practice labs.

The science-practice labs will take different compositions, depending on the theme and the location. The labs will guide the project team's work through the key steps of the project:

  • Understanding user needs and identifying information gaps;
  • Co-designing relevant indicators on physical climate risk for investors:
  • Mapping and visualising physical climate risk for investors;
  • Raising awareness of climate risk among financial decision makers.

​ClimINVEST will also zoom in on examples from practice, e.g. on the French climate risk disclosure regulations or specific investment portfolios.




What is in it for investors?

  • Improved knowledge and information to analyze climate risk;
  • Possibility to get tailored presentations, reports and one-on-one conversations on topics of their interest;
  • An interesting network with world-leading institutional investors that are interested to work on climate risk.