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Physicist and science disseminator, broad experience in atmospheric science and global climate modelling.

Physicist, climate scientist, science disseminator. Studying precipitation and the role of atmospheric aerosols in a changing climate, mainly through climate modelling. Regular newspaper columnist and science commentator, Norwegian media. Previously worked on particle physcis, with the ATLAS collaboration at CERN and the BRAHMS collaboration at RHIC. PhD in Nuclear Physics, University of Oslo (2006).


  • AC/BC In search of airborne soot, and how it affects the climate
  • The NetBC project Black carbon: A challenging piece of the climate puzzle
  • NAPEX Precipitation is arguably the most direct link between the climate and human society. We depend upon existing precipitation patterns for fresh water and food production, and global infrastructure is designed to withstand current precipitation extremes.
  • Impact of absorbing Aerosols on Radiative forcing in the European Arctic The climate impact of absorbing aerosols, such as black carbon particles originating from fossil fuel combustion or biomass burning, mineral dust and volcanic ash, is still very poorly understood especially its role in the atmosphere of polar regions.
  • ICOS-Norge Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS)-Norway and Ocean Thematic Centre (OTC)
  • SUPER - SUb-daily Precipitation Extremes in highly-populated Regions The main objective of SUPER is to quantify the influence of anthropogenic activity on sub-daily extreme precipitation in highly populated regions
  • Sensible heat has significantly affected the global hydrological cycle over the historical period Multiple lines of evidence indicate widespread changes to the global water cycle since 1950. Here we show, using a range of climate modelling results, that changes in sensible heat are the dominant contributor to the present global-mean precipitation change since preindustrial time.

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