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  • Power from the People? Driving forces and hindrances We address the driving forces and barriers for households in Norway to become producers of electricity which is made possible by smart grids and smart meters, allowing energy users not only to consume energy, but also to generate energy and feed this into the grid.
  • Non-commercial values attached to marine resources in the coastal zone This project will supply data on local inhabitants values attached to marine resources in the coastal zone. The data collected will be of a quality which make them suitable as input in models and management processes regarding utilization of CZ resources.
  • Bymiljøavtaler som redskap for bærekraftig bo- areal- og transportutvikling
  • Miljø 2015 Miljø 2015 - Can a combination of policy instruments increase the effectivenss and public acceptability of environmental policies?
  • DEMOSREG I prosjektet «Climate emission and energy use planning at the local level: Top-down directives and bottom-up responses» har vi undersøkt hvordan SPR-en har blitt fulgt opp av kommunene gjennom de lokale prosesser og tiltak som retningslinjen har utløst.
  • TRANSFORM The TRANSFORM project explores how Norwegian municipalities can contribute to transformation to a low-emission society.
  • Enabling the European Union This project seeks to enable people of the European Union to go even greener - in transportation, heating and cooling, and electricity choices - by understanding the drivers of our energy choices. 

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