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PhD from the Department of Geosciences, UiO 2012



  • ICOS-Norge Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS)-Norway and Ocean Thematic Centre (OTC)
  • Key Earth System Processes to understand Arctic Climate Warming (KeyClim) The objective of the KeyCLIM project is to develop The Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM) to assess performance, develop and evaluate physical processes in the modell. A special effort is addressed to the near and long term future climate for the Artic, northern latitudes and Norway. Open data from the project will be provided to the climate mitigation and climate impact community.
  • CICERO to study the climate impacts of hydrogen emissions Hydrogen is often considered a green energy carrier that has the potential to replace oil, but little is known about its environmental and climate impacts. Over the next three years, CICERO will therefore study what these impacts are.
  • UTRICS Global temperatures are rising due to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In addition to increasing greenhouse gas emissions, human activity has changed the composition of particles in the atmosphere. These have masked some of the warming caused by the greenhouse gases. How large is this cooling effect, and how has it changed over time?

Publications and outreach at CICERO

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