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08-22-2018: Papers presented at ECPR 2018.

Merethe Dotterud Leiren and Elin Lerum Boasson presented the following papers at the annual European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) in Hamburg in August:

Four modes of Europeanization: How the EU influences renewables policy (written by Boasson and Leiren)

Black-out concerns against markets: Capacity mechanisms in European electricity markets  (written by Leiren, Szulecki, Banet and Rayner)   

06-05-2018: Open breakfast seminar and closing partner meeting, Oslo

More than 140 people had registered for our closing breakfast seminar - watch the video here!  

CEOs from the Norwegian (renewable) energy business and governing bodies commented on the research. From the left: Auke Lont of Statnett, Per Sanderud of NVE, Knut Kroepelien of Energi Norge and Jon Vatnaland of Statkraft. Photo: Merethe Dotterud Leiren / CICERO


From the last partner meeting of REMIX in Oslo 5 June 2018. Photo: Monica Bjermeland / CICERO


Papers presented at the partner meeting 5 June 2018:

Hvor går EUs politikk for fornybar energi? av Elin Lerum Boasson

Tips for å vurdere stabiliteten til nasjonale støttesystemer av Elin Lerum Boasson

Høyere kvotepris: Hvorfor og hva skjer videre? av Jørgen Wettestad

EUs godkjenning av kapasitetsmekanismer av Catherine Banet


11-08-2017: Partner meeting at CICERO, Oslo

Papers presented:

Status for klimasaker under behandling i Brussel (Ellen Skaansar)

Renewables policy in a coal country (Kacper Szulecki)

Comments to the Polish case study (Adrian Mekki)

Presentasjon av fire scenarier for fremtidig utvikling i energipolitikken i EU (Berit Tennbakk)

Harmonisering av fornybarpolitikk (Elin Lerum Boasson)

Plassering av kapasitetsmekanismer i scenariene (Merethe Dotterud Leiren)

09-07-2017: Partner meeting during the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) conference at the University of Oslo.

Papers presented:

Locked-in Europeanization: Swedish renewables exceptionalism (Elin Lerum Boasson, Hugo Faber and Karin Bäckstrand)

EU coercion or voluntary national decisionmaking? The shift towards auctions in German renewable energy policy (Merethe Dotterud Leiren and Inken Reimer)

The United Kingdom as an unstable frontrunner in renewable energy policy (Merethe Dotterud Leiren,  Tim Rayner and Tor Håkon Jackson Inderberg)

Poland’s renewable energy policy mix: European influence and domestic soap opera (Kacper Szulecki)

Why is ‘nuclear France’ going renewable? The development of political, organizational and European fields (Catherine Banet and Jørgen Wettestad)



04-26-2017: Public event at Norway House, Brussels -  Renewable energy policies in Europe: who is in the driving seat?

REMIX hosted an event where we presented our project findings so far. REMIX researchers went in discunnion with EU policy makers and renewable energy experts.

See the conference's programme.

Download Elin Boasson's presentation at Norway House.

Insights from the REMIX mid-term conference 26 April 2017. 

Panel discussion with representatives from the European Parliament, Fortum, Solar Power Europe, the Prince of Wales' Corporate Leaders Group, the Florence School of Regulation and the Institute for European Studies, moderated by Elin Boasson.

REMIX partner Tim Rayner presenting the UK study. The other panelists were Elin L. Boasson (Sweden, Norway), Miranda Schreurs (Germany), Catherine Banet (France) and Merethe Leiren (Poland), moderated by Elisabeth Lannoo.


04-26-2017: Partner meeting at the Brussels office of the Norwegian Research Council - Germany: Energiewende at crossroads?

At this extended partner meeting, we discussed our findings on Germany with energy experts from EON, ETH Zürich, IZES as well as our Norwegian user partners Energy Norway, Statkraft and NVE.

Download Merethe D. Leiren and Inken Reimer's presentation.

Download Severin Fischer's presentation.


04-26-2017 - Researcher meeting at the Norwegian Research Council in Brussels

Researchers had a one-day meeting to discuss the content of the book which will be published by REMIX.


09-12-2016 - Partner meeting at Forskningsparken, Oslo

At this meeting, researchers and representatives of the Nordic energy sector discussed recent developments in renewable energy in Sweden, the EU's "Clean energy for all" proposals and REMIX's scenarios for future renewable energy policy development in the EU.

View some of the presentations below:


25-10-2016 - Researcher meeting at Forskningparken, Oslo


07-09-2016 - Partner meeting at Forskningsparken, Oslo



21-06-2016  -  Workshop at Litteraturhuset, Oslo:  The role of EU policies in the renewable energy transition

Organised by CICERO and the Freie Universität Berlin, with support of the Norwegian-German Willy Brandt-Stiftung and the Helmholtz Gemeinschaft. Download the agenda and the available presentations via the links below:

  • Agenda
  • Elin Lerum Boasson, CICERO & University of Oslo: Why has the EU strengthened its grip on national renewables policy through state aid regulations?
  • Kerstin Tews, Freie Universität Berlin: Europeanization of Energy and Climate Policy. The Struggle between Competing Ideas of Coordinating Energy Transitions.
  • Miranda Schreurs: The Politics of Coalin an Age of Renewables: Dealing with Obstacles to Change.
  • Jørgen Wettestad, Fridtjof Nansens Institute: The quest for a carbon price with punch. Waiting for Godot?
  • Sebastian Oberthür, Free University Brussels: The EU’s 2030 Framework for Renewable Energy. A Case of (negative) Policy Feed-back?
  • Merethe Leiren, CICERO: Renewable energy policies in the UK. An unstable path towards complexity.
  • Dörte Ohlhorst, Freie Universität Berlin: Germany’s interaction with the EU. How did Germany influence European renewable energy policy – and vice versa?
  • Elin Lerum Boasson: Norway’s renewable energy policy. Why will Norway abolish the Green Certificate Scheme?
  • Guri Bang, CICERO: California's climate policy package - A role model for other states and federal climate policy?


11-03-2016  -  Researcher meeting at Forskningsparken, Oslo


30-09-2015  -  Kick-off seminar with researchers and partners at Forskningsparken, Oslo