CICERO - Center for International Climate Research

REMIX has four work packages:

WP 1 - The EU policy mix

This work package identifies the factors that shape the character of the EU renewable policy mix, through case studies of different policies including the renewable energy policy, the reform of the EU ETS, shifts in EU state aid practices and the 2030 climate and energy targets.

The studies will explore whether the policies show a trend towards more or less market steering. Among other working papers and articles, the work package will produce a discussion paper with four scenarios for future EU renewable energy mix. 

The work is led by Jørgen Wettestad of the Fridtjof Nansen institute.

WP 2 - Renewable policy mix in six European countries

The second work package will identify the factors that shape the character of national renewable energy policy portfolios. It consists of comparative case studies of six countries that have a leading role in the development of European energy policy and are relevant from a Nordic perspective: France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Sweden and the UK.

The studies will assess renewable energy support schemes and capacity market regulations. The findings will be summarised in a report forecasting which national conditions may lead to changes in the renewable energy policy mixes of the focus countries.

The work package is led by Elin L. Boasson at CICERO and the University of Oslo.

WP 3 - Interrelations between EU and national policy making

The third work package questions to what extent and how national policies have been shaped by the EU policy mix, identifying contraints and opportunities. In particular, the research focuses on how state aid plays into national policy development.

The outputs will include two reports (1) on possible future implications of EU state aid regulations for the Norwegian, Swedish and German renewable energy mixes and (2) on possible constraints and opportunities of EU policies for national renewable energy policy mixes.

This work stream is led by Merethe Dotterud Leiren at CICERO.

WP 4 - Conclusions

The final work package, led by Elin L. Boasson, aims to provide Nordic energy actors with a better foresight in the European renewable energy policy mix. This work package will produce scenarios for long-term policy development, as well as guidelines for assessing how stable national European policy mixes are.