CICERO - Center for International Climate Research

Key Earth System Processes to understand Arctic Climate Warming (KeyClim)

The objective of the KeyCLIM project is to develop The Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM) to assess performance, develop and evaluate physical processes in the modell. A special effort is addressed to the near and long term future climate for the Artic, northern latitudes and Norway. Open data from the project will be provided to the climate mitigation and climate impact community.

What do youth from Bodø in Arctic Norway think about climate change?

Though we know much about what adults think of the global climate problem, little is known about what young people think about it. This is a snapshot of attitudes among youth in a medium sized Norwegian Arctic city.

Cryosphere - Atmosphere interactions in changing Arctic climate

Objectives: To identify and quantify the major processes controlling Arctic warming and related feedback mechanisms, outline strategies to mitigate Arctic warming, and develop Nordic Earth System modelling. The focus is on short-lived climate forcers (SLCF), including natural and anthropogenic aerosols.

The Arctic

Global climate change has caused major changes in the Arctic, and these changes are happening quickly. In recent decades the average annual temperature in the Arctic has risen about twice as much as the global average, and the extent of Arctic sea ice in the summer has decreased by almost half.

ECONOR III – The Economy of the North 2015

The Arctic is vulnerable to natural and global economic changes. Global warming creates opportunities for new economic activities in resource extraction and shipping, while at the same time threatening traditional livelihoods.