CICERO - Center for International Climate Research

Flexeffect -Flexible electricity use in households: barriers, opportunities and effects

The project will meet the urgent need for social science research on flexible electricity policy and technology in Norway.

Oppdatering av kunnskap om konsekvenser av klimaendringer i Norge

The Norwegian Environment Agency has commissioned a report from CICERO and the Western Norway Research Institute which summarizes new knowledge on the impacts of climate change for Norway until 2100.


The TRANSFORM project explores how Norwegian municipalities can contribute to transformation to a low-emission society.

What do youth from Bodø in Arctic Norway think about climate change?

Though we know much about what adults think of the global climate problem, little is known about what young people think about it. This is a snapshot of attitudes among youth in a medium sized Norwegian Arctic city.

Local Solutions

Local authorities play a key role in limiting emissions and managing today's and tomorrow's weather and climate. Although climate change is a global challenge, the effects are local.