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Experienced atmospheric scientist and leader of multi-disciplinary research groups

  • Appointed to the Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment's Climate Advisory Board
  • CICEROs Principal Investigator in research projects funded by the European Commission
  • Heavily involved in the UNFCCC-initiated process on modelling and assessment of contributions to climate change (MATCH) as co-chair of the Scientific Coordination Committee
  • Member of the current Impacts and Science Group (ISG) of the Committee for Aviation Environmental Protection (CAEP) of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
  • Member of the Expert Panel for the initiative “Global guidance on environmental life cycle impact assessment indicators”, which aims to revise and update the frameworks of environmental impact indicators in Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA). Initiated by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)
  • Contributed to WMO/UNEP Ozone Assessment reports as Lead Author, Contributing Author and reviewer 
  • Vice chair IPCC Working Group I


  • ACCRI CIC-MOD ​Formålet med prosjektet ACCRI CIC-MOD er å studere hvordan utslipp fra luftfart i ulike regioner påvirker atmosfæren og klima på regional og global skala. 
  • The role of short-lived climate forcers in the global climate regime This project will provide a comprehensive assessment of the potential of mitigation of Short-Lived Climate Forcers (SLCFs) in the emerging global climate regime.
  • Governing EU-Norwegian willingness to extract, combust and consume less carbon The objective of this project is to identify how to best coordinate policies in the EU and Norway to maximise the overall effectiveness of their combined initiatives. A key challenge for unilateral policy initiatives in a global market place, even for a big coalition like the EU, is carbon leakage and competitiveness concerns.
  • Bio4Clim Comparative climate impact assessment of the forest based bio-economies of Norway, Sweden and Finland
  • EVA - Earth system modelling of climate Variations in the Anthropocene EVA will provide a cutting-edge version of the Norwegian Earth system model NorESM for global climate assessments (CMIP6, IPCC AR6) including prognostic climate experiments and analyses of key importance for the national and international community
  • Quantifying Climate Impacts of Future Forest Management Strategies in Norway Det internasjonale samfunnet har blitt enige om at økningen i den globale middeltemperaturen ikke må overstige 2°C. Aller helst skal den begrenses til 1.5°C. Dette er et svært ambisiøst mål, som krever en storstilt omstilling fra et samfunn avhengig av fossile brensler til et basert på fornybare materialer og energi.

Publikasjoner og formidling ved CICERO

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  • Guy P. Brasseur, Mohan Gupta, Bruce E Anderson, Sathya Balasubramanian, Steven Barrett, David Duda, Greg Fleming, Piers M. Forster, Jan S. Fuglestvedt, Andrew Gettelman, Rangasayi N Halthore, Daniel S Jacob, Mark Z. Jacobson, Arezoo Khodayari, Kuo-Nan Liou, Marianne Tronstad Lund, Richard C Miake-Lye, Patrick Minnis, Seth C. Olsen, Joyce E. Penner, Ronald G. Prinn, Ulrich Schumann, Henry B Selkirk, Andrei Sokolov, Nadine Unger, Philip Wolfe, Hsi-Wu Wong, Donald W Wuebbles, Bingqi Yi, Ping Yang, Cheng Zhou, 2016 Impact of Aviation on Climate: FAA's Aviation Climate Change Research Initiative (ACCRI) Phase II Bulletin of The American Meteorological Society - (BAMS), American Meteorological Society, EN




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