CICERO - Senter for klimaforskning

ICOS Norway

Integrated Carbon Observation System (ICOS)-Norway

ICOS Norway is the Norwegian branch of the European research infrastructure ICOS RI with one of the central facility Ocean Thematic Centre (OTC) located in Bergen, Norway, hosted by Uni Research in collaboration with the University of Bergen joint in the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research, the University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory in the UK.

The Research Council of Norway has rewarded a generous grant to upgrade the Norwegian research infrastructure for observing carbon uptake in the ocean, on land and in the atmosphere, and to establish and coordinate OTC on a European scale. The main objective of ICOS is to produce high quality data and to provide a network design that can assess to the GHG emission on a country level and confirm if COP21 agreements are meet by the individual countries.

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