CICERO - Senter for klimaforskning

Communication and process facilitation

Publisert 16.05.2018

Communication and process facilitation, including co-production and co-design with stakeholders and end-users.

CICERO has a national mandate for communicating climate knowledge and is internationally recognized for its high expertise in science communication.

Our work on climate services communication has especially centered on developing frameworks for communications capacity building and training with the aim of empowering users to turn climate information to usable decision-making tools. Our framework approach consists of training, knowledge-sharing and co-production of knowledge and activities. We do this by employing participatory communication methodologies.

Our framework focuses on key aspects for successful delivery of climate services such as context-sensitivity and user-relevance, the building of interpretation competency (science literacy), methods of communicating climate risk rather than uncertainty, finding and fostering champions, and finally, the creation of adequate feedback mechanisms in order to forge new, more effective ways of communicating and delivering climate services.