CICERO - Senter for klimaforskning

Data and products

Publisert 16.05.2018

Climate data and information, including products like downscaled scenarios and economic analysis

In general, knowledge, methods, models and data from the natural sciences include global and regional climate simulations, emission metrics, drivers of climate change, changes and impacts of short-lived climate forcers (SLCF), model output analysis techniques, and future climate scenarios on regional scales including extremes. In particular, we develop, evaluate, and apply emission metrics to assess the climate impact various types of emissions and different economic sectors.

Emission metric is a simple comparison tool that is highly relevant for policy makers (e.g., Norwegian Environment Agency). We further provide information on historical, current and future impacts of international or regional shipping on climate and air quality, including impacts of specific ship types, ship routes, technologies or regulations. We generate updated metric values (Global Warming Potential and Global Temperature change Potential) for regional aviation emissions and Regional Temperature change Potentials (RTPs) to the Federal

Aviation Administration (FAA)/Volpe Center and Avinor. We also run high-resolution regional climate simulation to provide information on changes in extreme temperature and precipitation in different regions of the world (including Europe, South Asia and South America) for application in the energy (e.g., Statkraft) or agricultural sector.