CICERO - Senter for klimaforskning

Climate change and local pollution effects - Importance of an integrated approach

Hans Martin Seip, Asbjørn Aaheim, Kristin Aunan

Many measures to mitigate effects of air pollutants reduce emissions of several compounds (e.g. CO2, SO2, NOx, particles). One measure carried out primary to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, may therefore have other beneficial effects. To estimate the total benefits it is necessary to consider local (e.g. on health and materials), regional (e.g. on vegetation due to ozone or acid rain) and global effects (e.g. on climate) in an integrated way. A case study of an energy saving program in Hungary is described. The results indicate that reduced damage to health is the main benefit. An integrated approach may be of particular importance in developing countries where local effects are large in many cities. The Kyoto Protocol opens for Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) through which developed countries may support developing countries to mitigate emissions of greenhouse gases in order to be credited for reductions. CDM projects that, in addition to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, also solve local and regional environmental problems should be of most interest to developing countries.

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  • År: 2000
  • Språk: English