CICERO - Senter for klimaforskning

Climate change and local air pollution effects: An integrated mitigation approach

Hans Martin Seip, Asbjørn Aaheim, Kristin Aunan

As the knowledge about effects on climate of man-made emissions to the atmosphere increases, more focus is directed towards mitigation and adaptation. Many measures, primarily directed towards curbing greenhouse gas emissions, will also reduce emissions of other pollutants, e.g. particulates, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds. Effects of these pollutants, e.g. on health, materials and vegetation, are usually on a local and/or regional spatial scale. The importance of an integrated approach is illustrated by examples with emphasis on a study of costs and benefits of a proposed energy saving program in Hungary. The results indicate that improved health will be the most important benefit. We conclude that the inclusion of "co-benefits" (or "secondary benefits"), caused by reduced emissions of pollutants causing local and/or regional damage, is likely to be very important for evaluation of many measures originally designed to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.

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  • År: 2001
  • Språk: English