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CICERO MILESTONES 2018. A practitioner's perpective on the Green Bond Market

Asbjørn Torvanger, Bernhard W. Schiessl, Harald Francke Lund, Sophie Dejonckheere, Christa Clapp, Alexander Oliver Berg, Kristina Alnes, Knut H. Alfsen

Celebrating our 10th anniversary of providing second opinions, this report summarizes CICERO's approach and best practice application of our methodology. The green bond market has developed significantly since we assessed the first green bond issued by the World Bank in 2008. In our CICERO Milestones 2018 report, we take a close look at CICERO’s Second Opinions, provide a brief overview of our methodology and present examples of best practice. After 100 second opinions and more than $125 billion worth of green bonds reviewed, this report also answers frequently asked questions about external reviews in the green bond market.

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  • År: 2018
  • Språk: English
  • Serie/Rapport: CICERO Report;2018:11