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Shell in a low carbon world

Shell has just released a new scenario, Sky, which meets the goals of the Paris Agreement. How does it compare with other low carbon pathways?

Making the carbon budget bigger

COMMENTARY: A new estimate of the Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity (ECS) means that the carbon budget to stay below 2°C could be much larger.

Have improvements in carbon intensity stopped?

COMMENTARY: The carbon intensity is a useful indicator, but also fraught with difficulties. Depending on the data choices, the policy implications could be quite different.

Glen Peters: Hva skjedde i 2017 og hva skjer i 2018

COMMENTARY: What sparked my interest in 2017, and what will raise my eyebrow in 2018?

Oil & gas in a low carbon world

Commentary: The International Energy Agency (IEA) is often critiqued for being pro fossil fuel and anti-renewables, but are their scenarios so different to those developed by the broader researcher community?