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Verdens CO2-utslipp fortsetter å øke i 2018

Verdens karbonutslipp ligger an til å øke med rundt 2 prosent i 2018 sammenlignet med året før som en følge av fortsatt økning i bruk av kull, olje og gass, viser beregninger fra The Global Carbon Project.

Global collective effort

We have a big challenge ahead of us if we are to hold global warming to under 2°C. This is largely because we have already used up most of our collective 'carbon budget'.

Making the carbon budget bigger

COMMENTARY: A new estimate of the Equilibrium Climate Sensitivity (ECS) means that the carbon budget to stay below 2°C could be much larger.

The last drop to stay below 2°C

COMMENTARY: No one doubts that oil production will go down in a 2°C world, but whether there is place for new oil fields is a far more nuanced discussion.

Can we really limit global warming to “well below” two degrees centigrade?

Commentary: Yes, but only in a model. We have essentially emitted too much carbon dioxide already, and the most feasible pathways to stay “well below” two degrees all require removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at an unprecedented scale.

Commentary: Did 1.5°C suddenly get easier?

COMMENTARY: A new paper suggests a rather significant upward revision of the carbon budget for 1.5°C. This is a potential game changer, but it is too early to reformulate mitigation plans.