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Bridging the gap between climate data and needs of financial institutions

Financial institutions face challenges in identifying and processing data on climate hazards to assess physical climate risk and fulfil TCFD-reporting requirements. Results from ClimINVEST and similar projects will be used to produce a dataset of climate hazards that will be a reference for assessing physical climate risk for different sectors and assets, in line with TCFD recommendations.

New study shows global temperature responds slowly to emissions cuts

Although large emissions cuts are urgently needed if we are to achieve the global climate goals, it may take decades before we can measure the effect of the reductions on global temperature evolution, a new study shows.

ClimINVEST presentation series: Physical climate change for finance

This presentation series aimed at providing guidance for the financial sector dives into climate hazards and case studies on physical climate risk.

High snow levels indicate weak power prices in the Nordics this summer

Electricity prices in the Nordic countries are likely to be unusually low this summer amid high inflows to hydropower plants, caused by a combination of a very snow-rich winter and late snowmelt.

Key Earth System Processes to understand Arctic Climate Warming (KeyClim)

The objective of the KeyCLIM project is to develop The Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM) to assess performance, develop and evaluate physical processes in the modell. A special effort is addressed to the near and long term future climate for the Artic, northern latitudes and Norway. Open data from the project will be provided to the climate mitigation and climate impact community.

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Urban contractual agreements as an adaptive governance strategy: under what conditions do they work in multi-level cooperation?

Hege Westskog, Helene Amundsen, Petter Christiansen, Anders Tønnesen

The role of spatial and temporal model resolution in a flood event storyline approach in western Norway

Nathalie Schaller, Jana Sillmann, Malte Müller, Reindert Haarsma, Wilco Hazeleger, Trine Jahr Hegdahl, Timo Kelder, Gijs van den Oord, Albrecht Weerts, Kirien Whan

How US withdrawal might influence cooperation under the Paris climate agreement

Håkon Sælen, Jon Hovi, Detlef Sprinz, Arild Underdal

Residential Photovoltaic Systems in Norway: Household Knowledge, Preferences and Willingness to Pay

Todd Cherry, Hanne Sæle

A history of the global carbon budget

Bård Lahn