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Green and social - CICERO rates its first sustainability bond

Both social and green aspects have been reviewed by CICERO and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) for The Agricultural Development Bank of China’s first green and sustainability bond framework.

Der rare sommerværet

Dr. Nikolaos Evangeliou on climate change and wildfires (Oslo, August 2018). Evangeliou works at NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research 

Breakfast seminar: 1.5°C report for Norwegian business and financial sector

The recent IPCC report shows that unprecedented action is needed to avoid devastating impacts of climate change. Reducing carbon emissions in line with the 1.5 °C target requires societal transformation in areas such as energy production, transport, infrastructure and industry. But what does the report mean for Norwegian business and financial sector?

A warmer world will cause more health problems

Global warming can have detrimental effects on public health, as hotter weather increases air pollution and raises the risk of developing heart and lung diseases, scientists say.

Shades of green encourage a race to the top

Being a leading provider of second opinions on green bonds for the last ten years, CICERO has seen how the market has grown and developed. If the financial sector is serious about climate, green investments are needed in all sectors.

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The effects of intercontinental emission sources on European air pollution levels

Jan Eiof Jonson, M Schulz, Louisa Emmons, Johannes Flemming, Daven Henze, Kengo Sudo, Marianne Tronstad Lund, Meiyun Lin, Anna Maria Katarina Benedictow, Brigitte Koffi, Frank Dentener, Terry Keating, Rigel Kivi, Yanko Davila

A production-tagged aerosol module for earth system models, OsloAero5.3-extensions and updates for CAM5.3-Oslo

Alf Kirkevåg, Alf Grini, Dirk Jan Leo Oliviè, Øyvind Seland, Kari Alterskjær, Matthias Hummel, Inger Helene H. Karset, Anna Lewinschal, Xiaohong Liu, Risto Makkonen, Ingo Bethke, Jan Griesfeller, M Schulz, Trond Iversen

Negative leakage: The key role of forest management regimes

Jorge Hernan Garcia-Lopez, Anton Orlov, Hans Asbjørn Aaheim

Reconciling global-model estimates and country reporting of anthropogenic forest CO2 sinks

Giarcomo Grassi, Jo House, Werner A. Kurz, Alessandro Cescatti, Richard A. Houghton, Glen Peters, Maria J. Sanz, Raul Abad Viñas, Ramdane Alkama, Almut Arneth, Alberte Bondeau, Frank Dentener, Marianela Fader, Sandro Federici, Pierre Friedlingstein, Atul K. Jain, Etsushi Kato, Charles Dunbar Koven, Donna Lee, Julia E.M.S. Nabel, Alexander A. Nassikas, Lucia Perugini, Simone Rossi, Stephen Sitch, Nicolas Viovy, Andy Wiltshire, Sönke Zaehle

Trends of the EU's territorial and consumption-based emissions from 1990 to 2016

Jonas Karstensen, Glen Peters, Robbie Andrew