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CICERO researchers give advice for Norwegian wind power development

Kristin Linnerud and Merethe Dotterud Leiren, researchers at CICERO Center for International Climate Research, have recently presented advice for wind power development at three large conferences in Norway.

What is Risk and Climate Change Risk? Some risk science reflections

November 8th: In this presentation Professor Aven will provide some perspectives and reflections on how to conceptualize and describe risk and climate change risk. The point of departure for the talk is the recent report from the Norway’s Climate Risk Commission (in particular Appendix 1 on risk and uncertainty) and current generic risk science knowledge.


RECEIPT (REmote Climate Effects and their Impact on European sustainability, Policy and Trade) will map potential impacts and risks of climate extremes outside Europe on European socio-economic sectors.

Forecasts agree: Northern Europe will see a mild and wet winter

Something unusual has happened: All existing global weather models agree that there is a high chance of a wetter and milder winter than normal in northern Europe this year. CICERO researcher and climatologist Nathalie Schaller explains why.

Climate Risk Assessment with impact chains

October 15th, 11:30 am. In this presentation, Marc Zebisch from Eurac Research (Italy) will introduce a methodological framework for risk assessment which has been developed for practical applications form a national to subnational scale in developed countries as well as in developing countries. We will discuss pros and cons of this pragmatic approach, including the option for participative and qualitative elements.

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Water vapour adjustments and responses differ between climate drivers

Øivind Hodnebrog, Gunnar Myhre, Bjørn Hallvard Samset, Kari Alterskjær, Timothy Andrews, Oliviér Boucher, Gregory S. Faluvegi, Dagmar Fläschner, Piers M. Forster, Matthew Kasoar, Alf Kirkevåg, Jean-François Lamarque, Dirk Jan Leo Oliviè, Thomas Benjamin Richardson, Dilshad Shawki, Drew Shindell, Keith P Shine, Philip Stier, Toshihiko Takemura, Apostolos Voulgarakis, Duncan Watson-Parris

Update and evaluation of the ozone dry deposition in Oslo CTM3 v1.0

Stefanie Falk, Amund Søvde Haslerud

The mutual dependence of negative emission technologies and energy systems

Felix Creutzig, Christian Breyer, Jérôme Hilaire, Jan Minx, Glen Peters, Robert H. Socolow

Engaging men and women in energy production in Norway and the United Kingdom: The significance of social practices and gender relations

Karina Standal, Marta Talevi, Hege Westskog

Contributions of Nordic anthropogenic emissions on air pollution and premature mortality over the Nordic region and the Arctic

Ulas Im, Jesper H. Christensen, Ole-Kenneth Nielsen, Maria Sand, Risto Makkonen, Camilla Geels, Camilla Anderson, Jaakko Kukkonen, Susana Lopez-Aparicio, Jørgen Brandt