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Bob is a biologist working across the natural and social sciences.

His research and interests include climatic- and societal driven change in ecosystem services and livelihoods, changes in the food-value chain (from agriculture and production to consumption), socio-economic scenarios and pathways, and climate services (how to make research more relevant, understandable and applicable). His geographical focus and projects on these topics covers the Himalayas, Norway and the Nordic countries and the Arctic.


  • CiXPAG - Interaction of Climate Extremes, Air Pollution and Agro-ecosystems Future food production, and consequently food security, is very sensitive to both climate change and air pollution. So far, little is known about how climate extremes and ozone pollution interact to affect agriculture or about the relative effectiveness of climate change adaptation and ozone regulation measures for various crops and regions.
  • Sis-klimat- Climate transitions in the Norwegian food system How can the Norwegian food production - consumption system be changed towards sustainable production of more climate friendly food? This overarching question targets opportunities for climate change adaptation and emission reductions, but also looks for co-benefits for, and stronger links between, producers and consumers.
  • Norwegian Dairy and Meat climate footprints This project reviews the current literature on meat, milk and dairy, with a special focus on Norway. To understand differences in reported emissions, we explain the variation in methodological approaches such as division over co-products, functional unit selection, and system boundaries
  • CLINF: Climate-change effects on the epidemiology of infectious diseases Climate change is first and foremost felt in the northern regions where the rate and magnitude are the greatest. What happens in the Arctic will impact the rest of the world. In a changing climate, ecological alterations will affect the geographical boundaries of microorganisms with the capacity to cause diseases in humans and animals.
  • TOPDAD Our mission is to develop tools which will help businesses and regional governments find the best strategies to adapt to climate change. ToPDAd focuses on the energy, transport and tourism sectors in particular.

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