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  • PITCH PITCH focuses on how governance, values and norms and organizations are important preconditions for societal transformation to happen in a climate change context.
  • Power from the People? Driving forces and hindrances We address the driving forces and barriers for households in Norway to become producers of electricity which is made possible by smart grids and smart meters, allowing energy users not only to consume energy, but also to generate energy and feed this into the grid.
  • Sis-klimat- Climate transitions in the Norwegian food system How can the Norwegian food production - consumption system be changed towards sustainable production of more climate friendly food? This overarching question targets opportunities for climate change adaptation and emission reductions, but also looks for co-benefits for, and stronger links between, producers and consumers.
  • TRANSFORM The TRANSFORM project explores how Norwegian municipalities can contribute to transformation to a low-emission society.
  • CoCliME: Co-development of CLimate services for adaptation to changing Marine Ecosystems European coastal ecosystems are changing as a result of interactions between a number of drivers including overfishing, pollution, and climate change. Changes in marine ecosystems will impact on human health, food safety and the future sustainability of sectors including aquaculture, fisheries and tourism.

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