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Political Scientist focusing on transport and energy policies

I am particularly interested in dilemmas related to the balance between economic efficiency, social policy and climate policy in multi-level governance systems. In such systems, regulations at one political level creates new challenges at other political levels. Questions include the ability of politicians and public authorities to govern, given increasing complexity, pressures from different interests and an increasing reliance on judicial approaches.


  • Integration of Power Transmission Grids The primary objective of this project is to generate new knowledge about the institutional, technological, and economical, challenges related to the transformation of transmission power grids across Europe to make way for greater energy systems integration that, in turn, can facilitate longterm, sustainable restructuring of European countries' energy systems, efficient use of renewable energy sources, power system flexibility, and further increasing the shares of renewable energy. This new knowledge is useful for informing decision makers in policy and industry in a time of farreaching change in European power systems.
  • Revising the National Renewables Policy Mix: The role of state aid and other key EU policies (REMIX) The REMIX project studies how EU and national decisions shape the renewable energy policy mix in six European countries.
  • Analyse af de nordiske landes klimalovgivning og klimatiltag
  • Connect How will shifts in international climate policy change the conditions for Norway's transition to a low emissions economy?

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