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Kristin Aunan har jobbet med problemstillinger knyttet til luftforurensning og klimaendringer siden 1987. Et sentralt tema i forskningen er å belyse nytte-effekter på regional og lokal skala av å gjennomføre utslippsreduserende tiltak.  


  • Dr.scient. (kjemi), Universitetet i Oslo 1998.
  • Cand. scient. (biologi), Universitetet i Oslo 1987.
  • Previous position at the State Pollution Control Authority, Transport and Energy Department.
  • Fungerende forskningsleder på CICERO (2007)

20% stilling som Professor II ved Kjemisk Institutt, UiO.


  • CiXPAG - Interaction of Climate Extremes, Air Pollution and Agro-ecosystems Future food production, and consequently food security, is very sensitive to both climate change and air pollution. So far, little is known about how climate extremes and ozone pollution interact to affect agriculture or about the relative effectiveness of climate change adaptation and ozone regulation measures for various crops and regions.
  • Ageing and social reforms in China Ageing population and social reforms in China: Consequences for economic growth, global climate and health. Co-operation with Fudan University, Shanghai. External finance from Research Council of Norway
  • Planning for cost-effective environmental risk reduction The project Planning for Cost-Effective Environmental Risk Reduction in China is a major environmental cooperation project carried out by Vista Analysis, Chinese Academy for Environmental Planning (CAEP) and the Norwegian climate research center CICERO on behalf of the Chinese Government.
  • Health effects of Hebei PM2.5 Action Plan As part of the preparation of a World Bank Program-for Results (PforR) operation on PM2.5 pollution in Hebei, the current report provides an economic evaluation of the health benefits that may be achieved from alternative scenarios for PM2.5 reductions in Hebei in 2017 and onwards. We also include a qualitative evaluation of other benefits, e.g., how the program may contribute to abating emissions of CO2 and short-lived climate forcers (SLCF).
  • Airborne CAS Airborne studies human dimensions of air pollution in China in a historical perspective. How do people’s experiences and fears of air pollution transform into new visions of sustainability and creative forms of action?

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